His modus operandi for running our once beautiful country can best be described as ‘grasshopper’ like. He skips desperately from one frantic, desperate action to the next. Surely, we need to have a president who is consistent and clear in his actions and presentations to the nation; not a petulant, spoilt child desperately trying to preserve his fast-fading reputation as a leader; and yet presently not showing any characteristics that a leader should have. All he seems to offer is ‘the gift of the gab’.

In truth, he seems somewhat unhinged . One minute he is jetting off to cozy-up to Russian President Putin, who in most people’s eyes is public enemy number one’; seemingly oblivious to the fact that Putin is playing ‘Russian Roulette’, increasing the possibility of World War 111; and the next he is rushing around at home in South Africa, spouting self-serving platitudes telling political leaders ‘not to score points’ against political opposition. This does not ring true at all as he as leader of the ANC is obviously trying to curry favour with the electorate; ahead of the 2024 general election.

If he is genuinely trying to help ALL the citizens of the country why does he not push for the arrest and conviction of criminally guilty politicians who are still holding their jobs, earning vast salaries and playing at government, while doing very little to improve the lives of the long-suffering majority of citizens, who continuously struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Meanwhile, he is trying to present himself as the ‘Good Guy’ who is trying to support everyone against the multitude of crises besetting our country. B .. S … T!! The truth is he is simply trying to divert attention from the real crises that prevail, such as lack of service delivery, rampant corruption, rotting from the proverbial ‘fish’s head’ (i.e, the ANC hierarchy) downwards, real action being taken against global warming; and right now the disastrous situation regarding the floods in KZN and the Eastern Cape – and don’t try to convince us that the billions allocated to combating the flood crisis will not be stolen before they reach the distressed families. It is now common knowledge that such theft of funds is only discovered after the event; and by then the perpetrators will have covered their tracks.

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An even more sinister trend that has been clearly highlighted by the organisation’ Dear South Africa ‘ is the increasing efforts by the ruling hierarchy and even the legal fraternity to curtail citizen’s rights and freedoms by attempting to have laws passed that allow intense scrutiny to be focused on things such as forcing people to vaccinate against disease.

now another intended restriction has reared its head; forcing people to allow their sim cards on various devices to be tracked for personal information via biometrical data tracking. This means that every person’s personal details can be tracked if the/she makes use of any smart device that has a sim card. I sincerely urge anyone who has concerns about such issues to join Dear South Africa and state your opinion, so a balanced argument can be presented to the authorities.

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The book describing the dangers of totalitarianism – entitled 1984 by George Orwell is really coming to pass today. Beware – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!

Cyril is all words-no action! It seems that everything he does is simply a holding action to try and slow the growth of increasing frustration and grinding poverty and unemployment.

If things don’t change soon, I think our increasing progress towards jackbooted military governance is assured. (Aah! maybe that’s why he is so pall-pally with Putin. Their values are very similar).

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