The fantasy he is propounding that the West was planning an attack on Russia using Ukraine as a jumping off point is either a very clever tactical propaganda attack against Western democracy and capitalism or he’s just ‘high’ on something very powerful. Obviously, he thinks presenting impressive military displays such as the so-called ‘Victory Celebration’ dating back to events during World War II will somehow brainwash the Russians and Ukrainians into thinking that he is the ‘Saviour’ of the Eastern countries; protecting them from attack by the West.

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The truth of the matter is that the Ukrainians are daily being bludgeoned by Russian military action which is destroying everything they have without any thought of how many innocent people, including children are being maimed or killed. How can Putin justify killing 60 people in a school in East Ukraine today for completely bogus military or political reasons?

Putin has the incredible audacity of trying to suggest that He and Russia are waging war against Ukraine in order to prevent a global war. He talks about the ‘horror’ of global warfare. What about the ‘horror he is perpetrating against the citizens of Ukraine who have suffered the killing of family members and loss of their livelihoods, property and home neighbourhoods and cities; directly caused by his actions?

The opposition from countries opposed to Russia is mounting!

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News Items

  • Vladimir Zelensky says Ukraine will win the war.
  • Emanuel Macron , the French president has referred to Putin’s invasion as genocide
  • The G7 countries are continuing sanctions against Russia.
  • Russia is developing new generation hypersonic missiles – not good news & even if they do not actually use them, this is a very powerful form of intimidation.
  • European stock exchanges are showing a downward trend.
  • South African President Ramaphosa appears to be supporting Putin’s actions. He must also be smoking something good if he thinks this will benefit south Africa long-term. However, this is typical of African countries’ approach to most problems: GRAB WHAT YOU CAN, WHILE YOU CAN AND TO HELL WITH TOMORROW!
  • Ursula Van Der Leyden President of the European Commission has expressed her opposition to Russia’s actions

Watch this space for ongoing reports on the Russian/Ukraine war.!

12/5/222 Breaking news! Sweden and Finland are on the verge of joining NATO! … and The Ukraine is talking about “booking a spot” in NATO. However one needs to bear in mind that it might not be such a good idea to bring in extra members at this stage , as it will mean that the border between some NATO and Russia will be lengthened when new members are brought in, and NATO has to consider the increased cost to the organisation; e.g. more military hardware, more troops who have to be fed and equipped etc.

The scary part about all this is that Russia seems intent on playing a “long game”, and they seem to have bottomless resources to employ in this war. The other problem is that Russia has “an ace in the hole” with its huge oil and gas reserves that Putin can use as a bargaining chip in order to continue the intimidation, brainwashing and rampant destruction tactics for an indefinite period.

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