The question that besets many South Africans, I suspect, including myself is – where is it all going to end?

The ANC is useless! That’s a given.

I am a ‘glass half full’ person meaning always extremely optimistic, but even my positive outlook is being shaken to its roots right now.

There appears to be a real risk that if enough power stations are shut down at the same time, that the whole country will be plunged into darkness 24/7. Our money, in a world context, will be worth nothing, meaning no holidays or business links overseas. We will have to rely solely on what we can grow or farm ourselves; just in order to survive; there will be virtually no food on supermarket shelves, (already happening!), the criminal syndicates and their followers will have a lot more power than they have now. Those risks are what come to mind; off the top of my head. In a nutshell, TOTAL ANARCHY WILL PREVAIL IN SOUTH AFRICA.

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The DA, which I felt was the only hope to stop South Africa’s freefall, seems to have made a complete botch -up of the mayorship race in Gauteng and as a result Al Jamaa-Ah is the new mayor of Johannesburg, after having gained only a minority vote. This clearly demonstrates to me, that sometimes the DA ‘loses the plot’. It appears that if there were to be a national referendum today, to decide which party should govern the country henceforth; that the ANC would probably only get +- 40 percent of the vote. Their only hope is to be a partner in a coalition, which means they will lose the total dominance they have today.

The problem is that the ANC, as they have done before, could redraw constituent boundaries; in other words, BY MEANS OF GERRYMANDERING, alter the boundaries to suit themselves; in other words, in constituencies where they are weaker change the boundaries to include areas where they are stronger, and thereby gain the majority vote. We can only hope they don’t succeed in this.

However, I believe that, due to their centrist position, their being the official opposition; and hopefully; maintaining their policy on upholding democracy, the rights of the individual, non-racism etc; the DA will continue to play an effective role as Anchor Tenant in whatever coalition government is in power.

As far as I am concerned, South Africa has not had a government since shortly after 1994 when the ANC took over. They have always been, and will continue to be, a useless bunch of criminals whose only intent is to fill their pockets and maintain the status quo in the country, so they can continue to steal from the population. Their status as liberators from the evils of Apartheid has long since been revealed as simply a political vehicle that helped them to get into power in 1994, that for a long time has been shown to be a political dinosaur with no relevance in today’s world.

Because of the incredible confusion, mismanagement disastrous government, violence and criminality that is prevalent in South Africa and the rest of the world today, whereby no news media or statements by powerful people or so-called social media ‘influencers ‘in the world today can be trusted to tell the truth anymore (as Hugh Laurie in the role of Doctor House in the series ‘House’ famously said, EVERYBODY LIES!).

In view of the above scenario of complete disaster; it seems to me that the only hope we have as a country is to move towards a Federal State, as in the USA, where a large portion of the power in the country is devoluted to regional areas that each have their own laws, power sources, policing, local justice systems and so on. Communities and individuals will have to go back to talking to each other and supporting each other. Central government will play more of a ceremonial role, rather than controlling everything centrally ; families and communities will be much more independent, generate their own power etc by means of renewable sources.

There are a couple of examples of this happening already; such as in the Cape Province – being ably run by the DA, Oranje; previously a farm, which has been extremely successful in creating a community that is self-sustaining; and the fact that country-wide, households that can afford it are running everything on solar power. When the electricity grid collapses, using alternative sustainable energy sources will cease to be merely an option. IT WILL BECOME A NECESSITY FOR SURVIVAL!

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