(or are we the laughing stock of the world – patting ourselves on the back???/ Ha Ha Ha.)

The much vaunted election is over. Uncounted ballot boxes are popping up in various places?? How is that possible? I ask in wonder. The international community seems to think the election was ‘free and fair.’ Mr Malema, leader of the Eff ( I can think of a few better names to fit that acronym) party is over the moon with his party’s success.

#Our president has made wonderful promises and is oh so confident that he can pull our country out of the mire of load shedding, rampant poverty, brutal farm murders (Yes, they do exist Mr Malema!) petrol price totally outasight, poachers raping our shoreline/ great for tourism to hear that there were 500 poachers at work the other day in Pearly Beach! not to mention the country’s very likely bankrupt status. Come on people! Catch a Wake Up!!!. #Our precious country is heading for the toilet.

My suggestion, for what its worth, is let’s have a REAL ELECTION and elect a real leader, not a puppet! and start fixing this mess.

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