We have seen very little of President Ramaphosa since the Phase 1 Zondo Commission report was released. No wonder as it seems that criminality is on the rise far faster than anyone expected. If I were president, I would also be hiding!

For example:

In Belfast KZN, gangsters invaded the traffic department, handcuffed guards, grabbed a lot of cash and made-off with the loot.

39 Northern Cape schools were vandalised during the festive season.

6 prisoners escape from police van assisted by men armed with automatic weapons.

Make no mistake about it! State Capture is still going on as corrupt officials continue to grab as much cash as they can before they are brought to book.

Ramaphosa is so desperate to take his “fellow South African’s” attention away from the general state of lawlessness in our country that he is making extravagant promises (Oops I forgot, he always does that!) to accelerate land distribution without compensation. How is that going to happen when the government has no money to fund training for people to learn how to operate agricultural enterprises, small businesses and the like; to feed their families, unemployed spouses, pregnant girlfriends and so on. Barren land does not provide income and employment.

By the way, does Ramaphosa have any idea what will happen when he starts seriously implementing land redistribution. Property prices will drop like a stone. Foreign investors will disappear like a puff of smoke. The economy will go to hell even more than it already is now, our brightest and best young minds will head for foreign climes. and the once universally lauded “Rainbow Nation” will become an object of pity for the rest of the world.

He has no plan on how to withstand:

political pressures from pro-Zuma followers, machinations by the EFF to sieze attention for their cause (whatever that is – I doubt if anyone knows).

The complete chaos developing in the education system in SA ( 1000+ pupils still unplaced in schools)

Tourism also in chaos, e.g. Durban beachfront, once a thriving holiday destination, has empty swimming pools being used as refuse dumps. Would you want to go there on holiday? I wouldn’t!

Themba Maseko; a whistle blower for the Zondo Commission reports having experienced a HOME INVASION last night.

Although I commend President Ramaphosa’s brave commitment to promoting serious action against those implicated by the Zondo Commission’s report, I fear that it might be too late to stop the scourge of lawlessness in our country.

The only bright spot on the horizon seems to be the wonderful performance by the Protea cricket team against the best cricket team in the world – India. Perhaps we should put Graham Smith or Dean Elgar in charge of South Africa. I’m sure they would do a better job than the present incumbent!

Further updates on THE REAL STATE OF DISASTER DESCRIBED ABOVE will follow …

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