I have always marvelled at how the the ANC and its labour cohorts coalition remains in power despite the total mismanagement, massive corruption and complete failure to uplift the poor in our country. Now I know why!

It is completely impossible to unseat this government from power for the following reasons: (Please understand that these remarks are simply assumptions made by reference to the news media)

The rural poor are trapped in poverty and ignorance at subsistence level in the rural areas and are being misled into naively believing that the government is “saving” them by assisting them with #miniscule social grants that keep them on the breadline; leaving them with no option but to scrape by on social grants and produce more children in order to get maternity grants.

The rural people are not really part of democratic South Africa. Tribal law governs how they live. The legal system is driven by the chiefs so “innocent until proven guilty” does not figure in this scenario. The rule is #”What the chief says goes!”

I suspect that the standard of education in the poorer rural areas of our country is extremely poor; so it is unlikely that the children in those areas are educated to the point that they are likely to question the motives behind the actions and policies of the ruling elite, so naturally, they continue to vote ANC.

The fiendish beauty of this plan is that in the minds of the rural poor, the only option open to them is to have more babies; thus increasing the rural population, playing right into the hands of the ruling party, in combination with big business, and ensuring that their grip on power will never be broken.

So don’t be fooled by “crocodile tears” and ernest statements about uplifting the poor and saving and developing the economy. It is not the in interests of the ruling elite to uplift the poor masses of our population. Despite the suffering caused by poverty and disease, the ruling elite and their cronies will continue to prosper at the top of the pyramid, and to Hell with the rest of us!

This all very fine for the ANC/Labour supporters; but what about the future of our country as a whole? The totalitarian/socialist/capitalist/ big business conglomerate that is domination our country needs to realise that; looking at a bigger picture; we are becoming weaker and weaker in comparison with other countries that still support us in cooperation; in fields such as tourism, agriculture and international trade and business. Our economy is shot to bits. We are suffering from ever worsening debt, aggravated by punitive interest rates and lack of confidence in our economy and our inability to control our increasingly unhappy population. The brain drain to other better-run countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and others continues unabated. Our service delivery record compared to other African countries such as Nigeria is abysmal.

The ANC may continue to hold onto power, but South Africans of all stripes need to realise that due to the track we are on; we are looking more and more like our crippled neighbour next door – Zimbabwe, every day!

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