Calling all authors, students, graduates, business leaders, scientists, technical experts, bloggers and adventurers! When you are planning publication ANY type of document or manuscript we would like to invite you to consider using BUSY BEE EDITING for your proofreading, editing or internet presentation or ebook.

Here are the reasons why:

  • After seven years of proofreading and editing manuscripts of ALL TYPES OF DOCUMENTS from academic theses right up to PHD level, to poetry to ebooks, we are extremely experienced and can handle anything you throw at us and guarantee you a favourable outcome.
  • Our pricing is extremely competitive.
  • We are the only editors who proofread and edit your work TWICE, using different English language experts to ensure that the finished product is as close to perfect as it can be.
  • We use ‘tracking’ without exception, to give you the autho, the opportunity to accept or reject all changes in your document, so the final result is totally satisfactory to you.
  • We have a comprehensive Testimonials section in our website to give you the opportunity to see what our customers think of us, and we will provide contact details if you wish to chat to them in person.
  • We operate throughout South Africa, as well is in the UK and other European countries.
  • We do not ask for payment up-front and will only invoice you once your project is completed.
  • We work mainly in English, but can do Afrikaans proofreading/editing on request, as we have an Afrikaans expert on staff.
  • Our ONE STOP SHOP approach is working well, so we can offer you website design, ebook preparation and layout, in addition to standard proofreading and editing.
  • Once your document is complete we give you the assurance that it is ready to go to printers or publishers according to the correct standards for the industry.
  • We work to extremely high standards overall as WE ARE ACUTELY AWARE THAT REPUTATION IS EVERYTHING.

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