We, as South African citizens must ask questions and make conclusions based on the following facts:

Isn’t it thought provoking that after the July riots very little was done to prevent such uprisings/sedition/assaults on law and order/treason (call it what you like), occurring again in the near future?

Why has no one been jailed as the mastermind behind those events?

To my mind, it is logical to speculate that this lack of official action against the mysterious organisers is part of a well orchestrated cover-up action to protect these criminals. It is also likely that these individuals must have friends in high places and plenty of money to bribe powerful officials to shut-up about these events.


To my mind, if you put together these events, it seems that the horrifying, and destructive fire in which precious, historical archived artifacts and records, not to mention the priceless historic buildings that are part of South Africa’s heritage were destroyed, are the work of an organisation intent on destroying the allegedly democratic status quo that still prevails on our country. The riots in July were the first attack on such institutions. The fire in the parliament buildings is logically the next step against our democracy.

Although I am by no means a supporter of Blade Nzimandi or the Communist Party, but I have to say that Blade hit the nail on the head when he stated that there is a link between the July riots and the recent assault on parliament. Now the forces of law and order are accusing a homeless man who has dedicated himself to feeding the poor for causing the fire. He is obviously a falsely accused scapegoat to avoid prosecuting of the real perpetrators. Now the case has been postponed till March 2022. Why?. – obviously to allow the ANC to attempt a futile cover-up. It won’t work! The public is losing patience and the truth will come out.

Is the ruling portion of the ANC so blind that they cannot see the picture that shines bright as day, showing that dark forces are massing against them?

Unfortunately, Ramaphosa is nothing but a puppet, doing the bidding of high ranking members of his party, spouting, extremely boring pretty speeches with oft repeated dreary platitudes, as he endlessly tries to convince members of ‘Fellow South Africans” as he calls us, that all is well and that the ANC is doing its job. Sorry!, I and many millions of other ‘ fellow South Africans ARE SIMPLY NOT BUYING IT ANYMORE!

Ramaphosa and his colleagues are continuously out of touch with what is happening right under their noses. The struggle against Apartheid and the revolutionary stance taken by the ANC are now hopelessly out of date. The ANC if it is to have any future at all needs to rebrand itself and and South Africa as a forward thinking, democratically driven force with the ability to correct all the disastrous actions and decisions of the past. Otherwise it will continue on the downward slope towards losing all power, and allowing more forward thinking entities to take over.

To draw a comparison internationally; President Bolsinaro of Brazil who persisted in ignoring the plight of Brazilian citizens. is now being called to account for his ignorant and destructive efforts to downplay the destructive life destroying impact of Covid 19 – is now, finally being called-upon to explain his actions; and I don’t believe that he will remain president for much longer.

Celebrations funded by ANC supporters will not fill empty stomachs, build houses or fix our power problem.

Good Luck ANC for 2022 and beyond. You’re going to need it!

STOP PRESS! 4/1/2022 Question: Is the first section of the Zondo Commission going to be made public this afternoon? or will there be a last minute cover-up to protect powerful people?

9/1/2022 8.07 a.m. Once again, Ramaphosa is speaking the biggest lot of rubbish -as he refuses to acknowledge the organised threat against South Africa – and the threat is coming from his own people because they are fed up with the lies and obfuscations he continues to spout.

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