World War 3 – What a fearsome prospect; one that I fervently hope won’t come to pass.

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I was looking at a map of the world the other day and thinking … if the worst were to happen, what would happen to us in South Africa?

There is a group of small islands very close to the eastern boundary of China; and I understand from my limited knowledge of world politics that those islands are being armed to the hilt by America with a fearsome array of atomic and other less fearful weapons. The reason for the Americans to adopt this strategy is their concern about the rapid escalation of atomic weapons by China in various places that have been targeted as nuclear weapon sites in the US. At the same time, Iran is developing its own nuclear arsenal. Clearly, Russia and North Korea have been developing atomic weapons for some time.

What all these warlike preparations are saying to me is that a confrontation between conservative Western countries such as Australia, the UK and America, all of whom are bound by treaties aimed at protecting each other; on the one side, and countries with vast financial and military capabilities such as Russia and China, that seem to be intent on world domination on the other; is becoming increasingly likely.

The big question that comes to mind is; if there were such a confrontation; barring immediate nuclear obliteration of the whole planet; would we in South Africa be dragged into the conflict or attacked; given that we are so far South, at the bottom of Africa?

Clearly,. if you look at the map, the countries that would be most vulnerable in such a situation; either by direct attack or through collateral damage would be the European countries such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece Turkey, and the Middle Eastern countries such as Poland, The Ukraine etc. as well as the North African countries such as Morocco.

I think, given South Africa’s current economical and political situation, that, the topmost hierarchy, from Ramaphosa down, would not opt to take sides and participate militarily in such a war. (What military? – you may well ask) – so, fingers crossed; we would be able to stay out of the conflict.

Despite all the problems we are facing in our country right now; the worst being load shedding, followed by the  trucks being set alight on highways and the obvious parallel with the riots, looting and loss of life and limb and businesses that happened in July 2021; the build-up to the 2024 elections; the burgeoning incidence of crime — the list is endless; it still seems to me that taking into account the World War 3 scenario portrayed above, the riots in France etc that the best course of action; particularly for Capetonians like ourselves, is to stay right where we are for now and hope that we will be able to survive.

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The problem  worldwide; it seems, is the proliferation of dispossessed immigrants who are fleeing from their countries of origin, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, who are looking for new homes, where they can start life afresh, in a new country that  is not ruled over by a group of ruthless individuals who persecute the masses of poor people in the country, for personal gain; seeing them merely as cheap labour, or worse -sex slaves; using drug addiction as a tool to enslave them.

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Our country is not innocent of such crimes; but, thus far, it has not yet reached the level where we are forced to flee for our lives.

The other rapidly growing problem we have is the SASSA GENERATION who were born well after the advent of so-called democracy in 1994. They know nothing of what it was like living under Apartheid. Their reality is that the criminals who are destroying our country; destroying our power resources, the education system, our businesses, factories, our railways, roads and probably our shopping centres – soon again – (REMEMBER THE 2021 RIOTS!) have an agenda that cares absolutely nothing for the South African people.


The next step in the agenda of the ruling cabal is to force the country to its knees, and declare it as a country-wide revolution, so that thugs can take over and restore order. Ramaphosa himself; at a gathering for the ANC Youth League said to these young people YOU ARE THE REVOLUTION! What he didn’t say was that they; members of the SASSA GENERATION were designated by the government as cannon fodder who will fall victim to paid mercenary thugs (like the Wagner Group who recently attempted to attack Moscow), who will mow down the hungry masses, so the ruling cabal can take over and run the country as a communistic dictatorship,  where the state will own everything, and the poor masses in the population will have to work like slaves to earn a pittance.

With over 50% unemployed; the only option for our huge numbers of destitute parents is to chase their offspring into the shebeens – ORDERING THEM TO MAKE MORE BABIES! so, the family can survive on social grants.

The SASSA GENERATION CHILDREN are destined to go into the world with no education, no job, no food for their children; living in tin shacks; so, no wonder criminality is becoming an epidemic in our country! So; make the most of what we still have, while you can!

The only conclusion one can come to is that the ANC; directed by members of the upper echelon who wield the weapons of money and ownership in this country and elsewhere; in concert with the ANC, planned the destruction of our society; so that the upper echelon can take over. No other answer for why the ANC took such a foolhardy course comes to mind.

The only hope we have as a country now is to form a coalition of people who are prepared to work for the people; not just for themselves, and FIX THE PROBLEMS – YES, THEY CAN BE FIXED! SO, VOTE FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE INSTEAD OF THE CRIMINALS WHO OFFER YOU FREE JUNK FOOD AND T SHIRTS!

Unfortunately, until that happens it will be A CASE OF – EVERY MAN/WOMAN FOR HIMSELF!

By the way, Ramaphosa and the ANC top echelon also needs to stop sitting on the fence masquerading as a neutral country, regarding the war in Ukraine. Despite what devotees of the NEW WORLD ORDER AND THE ILLUMINATI say; South Africans should nail their colours to the mast and support Brics rather than the USA, the UK … British royal family Bla,Bla, Bla … because the writing is on the wall is showing that the BRICS grouping is very likely to become the world leaders in the not too distant future, as their development, employment levels and economies are doing much better than the USA and its allies, in terms of improving their citizens’ quality of life.

Do what you have to do to survive! Sell food on the street if you have to. Make saleable items at home to put food on the table.

Buy that solar panel if you can. They will become cheaper! Grow vegetables in your garden. They will be BETTER QUALITY than what you get from a supermarket; untreated with chemicals etc. We as South Africans don’t have the luxury of waiting for the stupid ANC MONEY GRUBBING THIEVES to save us!


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