We all carry a lot of #microbes all the time, no matter how much we wash our hands or spray disinfectant or clean our shoes or wash the floor. What we can do and should do is keep our #immune systems strong; that way we give our bodies a chance to fight all viruses all the time.

Of course we must practise social distancing at this crucial time and we will flatten the curve and Covid 19 will become just another virus that we will have to protect ourselves against forever, but we can’t stop living and enjoying life. The #damage to our mental health will pose more of a problem than Corona, if we let it. Life like that is just not worth living.

There are deadly viruses on our car tyres, our dogs try to give us ‘French Kisses’ and we sometimes let them do it. Microbes are everywhere! Are we all going to end up living in #sanitised plastic bubbles? We cannot afford to stop living our lives. Selectively open businesses, schools, universities, beaches, otherwise we will die of cabin fever, obesity. or mental illness. The only ones who will gain will be private doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

We are waging war with an enemy we can’t see, but in many other respects we can compare it to previous deadly threats that the western world faced and overcame, despite tremendous odds. Brave British airmen soldiers and sailors stood up to Hitler. 911 did not end the world, thanks to equally brave firefighters and other first responders. we beat the Spanish Flu and the Avian Flu. We have to fight Corona with every weapon we have.

We have to go back to work, despite the desperate threats we take in doing so. Widespread economic failures worldwide, caused by poverty, unemployment, hunger and disease. will destroy us just as effectively as unchecked spread of the disease . I’m not a big supporter of the US’s President’s recent activities, but Trump’s sure as hell got that one right!

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