The ex -president seems to think that he can avoid being implicated in corruption in South Africa by personal attacks on the judiciary and on the chairman of the #Zondo Commission on state capture in South Africa. Meanwhile, it should be crystal clear to all who have half a brain that he is a central figure in the corruption allegations; if not the kingpin in all of it.

Surely, if he thought seriously about what he should do about the allegations against him personally, and his various sidekicks collectively, is to come clean; clarify the issues and accept that he is not blameless in these matters. Continuous denial is not going to work in the long term.

In common with ex president Donald Trump in America, Zuma seems to think that repeatedly blaming others for his and his cohorts’ misdeeds will somehow “brainwash” the South African electorate into believing the “rubbish” he spreads.

Trump has not gone away. He is still rabble rousing and will continue to do so because the size of his ego is immeasurable, and likewise with his brainless redneck followers. Unfortunately this disease continues to influence more rank and file Republicans. Unfortunately ‘YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

Ignorance is the key! Ignorant people will always follow corrupt leaders who are in fact stealing from their followers in a futile attempt to hang onto some form of belated power and self enrichment; and such so-called leaders will continue to brainwash their followers until they reach a point where they reveal the utter futility of their actions and descend into obscurity and disappear from the public mind, hopefully forever!

While compiling this post I have been watching the news media and have noted several new trends.

Firstly, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine rollout has been rolling out slowly but steadily among the health workers. Very exciting is the fact that the vaccine being rolled out carries additional efficacy in that it seems to be effective against a range of infections. Not so good is the queue jumping practised by unscrupulous, selfish family members, work colleagues etc which then causes less essential workers to be vaccinated timeously, Shocking!

The infection rate seems to go up and down, now hovering from the upper hundreds to slightly above a thousand per day. We can only hope that the rate will remain at these levels, so we can avoid the dreaded third wave, spurred by the Easter break.

I see that some of the Zondo commission lawyers have not been paid for 5 months, which indicates a shortage of funding for the extremely valuable undertaking; especially in light of president Ramaphosa’s efforts to beef up the services offering by local municipalities and to give them more independence; as well as making sure that they are staffed by more competent management and staff. Fantastic! I hope that that’s not all talk!! Such actions on the part of government could go a long way towards empowering the township dwellers towards bettering their earnings, businesses and livelihoods and environment.

Extremely interesting news just out is that the #DA is starting to talk about forming coalitions with other political parties. It’s about time! Without this kind of collaboration the DA, in my opinion, will never lessen the ANC’s stranglehold on power in our country. More Power to You Mr #Steenhuizen on that one. I just hope that too is not just pre-election manoevring.

South Africa desperately needs a reshuffle. There seems to be a growing sense of frustration in many corners of our democracy. Keep pushing and let’s make it happen!

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