These people are contributing absolutely nothing towards restoring South Africa to the state that Thabo Mbeki left us with; which at least showed some semblance of order, fairness and concern for the “have nots” in our country. and some hope for a future. Since then, manipulating bandits like Zuma, his brainless followers and the more radical elements in the ANC have systematically destroyed what was once a beautiful country, transforming it into a hotbed of confusion, barbaric behaviour, violence, domestic abuse and greed.

A current SABC survey revealed that over 50% of the population of our country, as of today, believe that Zuma’s attack on Billy Downer is as just one more in a long line of “delaying tactics” by Zuma to avoid being prosecuted for his sins.

On a more positive note; we are now well into the New Year. The holidays are over. The kids are back at school; those fortunate enough to have a classroom to go to. The Covid infection rate has dropped to a more manageable level after all the partying and gatherings over the holidays.

Surely, now is the time to take stock of where we are as a country; and I am not talking about the feeble, self-serving mutterings of the president in what should have been called THE “STATE OF DISASTER ADDRESS.” (SODA not SONA).

Now is surely the time to prosecute and lock up all those masterminds, corrupters and women and children abusers who are still laughing all the way to the bank to count their ill-gotten gains. Lets have some real action from the forces of law and order, and particularly government. Promises just arent enough anymore.

Mr President! If you don’t jack up your act; clean up the corruption, fix the power system, get the economy moving and stop throwing celebratory ANC parties at the taxpayers’ expense, you are going to find yourself out of office very soon; and I don’t mean in 2024. It could come much sooner than that. Even your buddy Julius says THE COUNTRY IS NOW ON AUTOPILOT!

The July riots and the subsequent burning of the assembly and surrounding buildings could well have been merely a dress rehearsal for a real insurrection to come. Beware!

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